Time-Stamp How To

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STEP 1: Go to my YouTube channel and select the 'Videos' tab. McDuff: Kennedy's Man to Smash the CIA

Video tab

All of McDuff's uploaded videos will be listed.

STEP 2: Locate the video into which you want to insert time-stamp jumps and open it.

You now have two options:

    • You can determine the time-stamp by listening to the video.
    • You can locate the time-stamp in the transcript.

To grab the time-stamp from the transcript, first stop the video.

Select the horizontal ellipsis (...) for the pop-up menu. Select 'Open Transcript'.

The transcript with time-stamps will appear in a window to the right.

(You are able to remove the time-stamps by selecting the vertical ellipsis and 'Toggle Timestamps'. However, that DEFEATS the whole purpose of doing this!)

STEP 3: Find the the part in the video for which you are interested in creating a time-stamp jump.

You do this by using the 'Find' function to scan for a search word.

  • Use short cuts (Command+F on Mac, Cntl+F on Windows) to pop-up a 'Find' box. The "find" pop-up will look slightly different on Windows OS.
  • Key in your search word. Then click the down/up arrows to search down and up in the text for the places for which you want to create a jump.

Note: The audio to written transcription does not always translate perfectly. For example, George Webb talked

about how SACSA (Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities) is translated to SAXA.

You will have to 'find' on SAXA, not SACSA!

There may be other examples of inexact translations

STEP 4: At this point, you have several options.

  1. You can copy multiple lines of the transcript and paste it into the Comments. This method is easier on the one hand, but requires a LOT of clean-up.
  2. You can note the time-stamp of the section to which you want to jump. This may be the preferred method. You are able to specify exactly what text you want to show up in Search Engine results.

This is an example of copy/paste from the transcript. As you can see, there is a lot of clean-up required.

Example of "messy" text.

NOTE: Regardless of the method used to create the text that will show-up in a Search Engine summary list, the time-stamp will go on the FIRST line, and the text will go on the subsequent lines.

The time-stamp (in this case 04:06) will automatically become a hyper-link to that specific point in the video.

Time-stamp 04:06 is now a hyper-link

STEP 5: Continue this process (loop to STEP 3) until you have completed all of the places in the video for which you want to create a time-stamp jump.

You can change the search/find word at any time.

NOTE: By using time-stamp jumps, the McDuff channel will have two opportunities to rise in YouTube visibility. The first is by viewers clicking on the hyperlink. The second is by the amount of time/retention spent watching the video.

The idea is to grab viewers interest with your description, then send them to a place in the video that will hold their attention. If you "sell" them, they may view the entire video, the series, or (better yet) subscribe!